The future of our world is in our hands... ...and we are committed to making sure that the fashion industry can be as sustainable as possible in future.

Waste is an inevitable side effect of consumption but much more can be done to reduce and minimise its effects.

Here at Snu Wear we are so proud to produce as much of our range as possible using Organic, fair trade, carbon neutral products. This means that while you’re looking good, you know you can feel good about the impact you’ve made as a customer.

In addition to constantly redesigning our clothes through the lens of sustainability, we will be planting one tree for each item purchased, by you the customer! This is in association with the incredible charity OneTreePlanted.org who have been prioritising the forests and green space of the earth since 2014.

The world is our home and plants produce the air we breath so we need to be planting as many as possible. It shouldn’t take disasters like the 2019 Australian bushfire outbreak to remind us of how important this is.

One Tree Planted

By purchasing just one item from Snu-Wear you are making the world a greener, healthier place to live.